Event:             Mens Monthly Mug PlayOff
No of Players:  57

Sponsor:         Chesterfield Machinery

A Grade Winner:                  Peter Taylor                68                                        

A Grade Runner Up:           David L. Moore           72

B Grade Winner                   Murray Connor          70                                    

B Grade Runner Up:           Joshua Brown             71

C Grade Winner                  Steve Lemilliere           67                  

C Grade Runner Up:           Angus Forsyth             70

Monthly Mug Play-off Winner: Michael Seery        72

Balls Rundown   74 or better

Ladies Stroke Monthly Medal Play Off                                                          

No of Players: 21

Sponsors:       Dippers Home Timber and Hardware

Winner:          Kerrie Pearlman                      71

Runner Up:   Trim Munro                                75

Monthly Medal Play Off Winner:  Edith Kabel         76


1st                                   Anthony Brigden                      3.12 mtrs

7th:                                 Peter Nolan                                4.76 mtrs

13th                                Michael Seery                            4.80 mtrs

17th                                Kerrie Pearlman                       2.40 mtrs

Pro Pin:17th:                 Kerrie Pearlman                      2.40 mtrs

Ball Comp: Men 74 or better Ladies 78 or better