Event:             Medley Ambrose – Westpac Rescue Helicopter Charity Day
No of Players:  128

Sponsors:       2VM and Westpac Rescue Helipcopter

Winner:          D Gulliver, A Cosh, A Heffer, G Macey                      54.75

Runner Up:   G Farrell, W Hitchins, R Mather J Peachy                  55.75

Third:             M Boland, B Boland, J Devney D Devney                   56.125

Fourth:           B Cheetham B Shea M Treloar, D Wilde                     56.625

Fifth:              L Stahlhut, J Girard, A Stahlhut, J Stahlhut               57.000


1st                                  Brian Stacy                                                        1.60 mtrs

7TH:                               M Burke                                                             0.89 mtrs

13TH:                             S Madden                                                            1.58 mtrs

17TH:                             G Boland                                                            2.90 mtrs

Ball Comp:                  59.5/8 or better