Veterans Event: Stableford

No. of Players: 35

1st         D.L. Moore        37 points

2nd        J. Deakin           36 points

3rd         J. Gillan            35 points

NTPs    1st    E. Lawlor      5.60 m

            7th   B. O’Mullane  3.39 m

             13th  N/A

            17th and Pro Pin  G. Carrigan    5.00 m

Ladies Event: Stableford

Players                 – 25         Sponsored by Pro Shop (Voucher)

 Winner:               –             Tamra Moore (Visitor)         36 pts  ($40)

Runner Up          –              Di Amos                                               33 pts ($30)

Third                      –              Fiona Brett                                         33 pts ($20)

Ball Rundown  =  29         Down to Beryl Sweeney

7th           Second Shot       Bronte Treloar                    .550m

17th                                        Di Amos                                1.380m                

Pro Pin                                  Di Amos                                1.380m