Vets: Stableford

No of Players 34

1st   Guy Hovenden      38 points

2nd  Peter Nolan             38 points

3rd   Ken Amos             37 points

NTPs     1st   Russell Carty     8.68 m

               7th   Russell Carty    3.95 m

               13th  Not won

               17th and Pro Pin  ??? 3.80 m

Ladies: Stableford

No. of Players                 20       

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Winner                        Lyn Fing                                36 pts    (Voucher)

Runner Up                  Ros Taunton                       35 pts  ($30)

Ball Rundown to  30 points        

7th    Second Shot       Lyn Fing                                0.88 m

17th                                Annie Rose                         2.89 m

Pro Pin                  Annie Rose                         2.89 m