Event: Men’s Stroke                                                                        No of Players: 106                 

Sponsor:  Westpac Banking Corporation

A Grade Winner:  Joshua Brown                                                         69 pts

A Grade Runner Up:    Kyle Munro                                                    70 pts

B Grade Winner: Bill Townsend                                                          70 pts

B Grade Runner Up:    Tony Bailey                                                    70 pts c/b

C Grade Winner:          Dylan Reading                                                64 pts

C Grade Runner Up:    Kyle O’Connor                                               66 pts

Event: Ladies Stroke                                                                             No of Players: 29

Sponsor: Westpac Banking Corporation                                           

Winner A Grade: Julie Rushby                                                            65 pts

Winner B Grade: Rosemary Ledingham                                            70 pts

Winner C Grade: Abby McDonald                                                      77 pts


1st :  Tim Evans                                                                                       5.31  mtrs

7th : Wayne Wicks                                                                                    4.20 mtrs

13th: Roger Hann                                                                                     1.77 mtrs

17th: Sandy Cosh                                                                                       2.40  mtrs

Pro Pin: Sandy Cosh                                                                               2.40  mtrs

Ball Comp:    Men’s    73 Pts or better

                        Ladies   72 Pts  or better

Balls Given: 45 + 12