Mens Single Stableford                               

No of Players: 54                                          

Sponsor: Brenda & Gerard Carrigan

A Grade Winner:   Peter Taylor, Gurley                                            35 pts

Runner up:             Andrew Crowder                                                  34 pts

B Grade Winner    Russell Christian                                                   36 pts

Runner up:             Richard McGrady                                                 35 pts

C Grade Winner    John Lawton                                                          35 pts

Runner up:             Ben Ryan                                                                34 pts

Ladies   Single Stableford                                                                    

No of Players: 18

Sponsor: Phoebe’s Flower, Food & Home

Winner          Trim Munro                                                                    33 points

Runner up     Tamra Moore                                                                  31 pts C/b


1st                                 Nil                                                                                 mtrs

7th                                Gary Taunton                                                      4.02 mtrs

13th                              Vicki Gall                                                             2.73 mtrs

17th                              Trim Munro                                                         3.48 mtrs

Pro Pin                         Trim Munro                                                        3.48 mtrs

Ball Comp:    Mens     points net or better

                        Ladies 27   points net or better

Balls Given:

Visitors: Inverell, Wee Waa, Charleston, Darling River