Men:                                                                              No of Players: 47

Event:            Single Stableford

Sponsor Championships: HMAG

A Grade  Winner:                Lachlan Smith                                              42 points

B Grade  Winner:                Shane Brooker                                             40 points

C Grade  Winner:                Anthony O’Donnell                                     40 points


Event:          Single Stableford                                                        No of Players: 22

Sponsor: Phoebe’s Flower Food Home

Winner:         Debbie Key                                                                           40 points


1st                                 Geoff Hunt                                                           4.04 mtrs


13th                              Lyn Fing                                                               1.46 mtrs

17th                              Tamra Moore                                                       2.80 mtrs

Pro Pin                         Tamra Moore                                                       2.80 mtrs                                      mtrs                                               

Ball Comp:                   35 points or better

Balls Given:  36 + 6