Men:                                                                              No of Players: 64

Event:            Single Stableford

Sponsor:        Warneeta P/L (Warren McFadyen

 Winner:        Lachlan Smith                                                                     39 points

Second:          Mark Carrigan                                                                    38 points

Third:            Sachin Ramsamy                                                                 38 points

Fourth:          Mitchell Lane                                                                       37 points

Fifth:              Graham Skaines                                                                  36 points

Ball Comp:     33 points or better


Event:          Single Stableford                                                        No of Players: 20

Sponsor:        Gerry and Brenda Carrigan

Winner:         Kirra-Lee McNamara                                                         39 points

Runner Up:   Ann Rose                                                                              31 points                       

Ball Comp:     29 points or better


1st                                 Daniel Taunton                                                    6.80 mtrs

7th                                Sandy Cosh                                                          3.10 mtrs

13th                              Luke Hobday                                                       3.90 mtrs

17th                              Mitchell Lane                                                       2.49 mtrs

Pro Pin                         Mitchel Lane                                                        2.49 mtrs                                                                                              

Balls Given:  18+8