Medley Event:             Stableford – Lonely Hearts                                              

Sponsor:         Gwydir Spray Shop

No of Players: 46

Winner:         Damien Kelly                                                                   39 Pts

Runner Up:   Grady Sinclair                                                                 35 Pts

Third:             Ben Ryan                                                                         34 Pts c/b

Fourth:           Angus Smith                                                                   34 Pts

Ball Comp:   30 Pts or better

Event:             Moree Open Mixed 4BBB                                                   

Sponsor:         Gwydir Spray Shop

No of Players: 46

Winner:          Abby McDonald & Kevin Moore                                  46   Pts      

Runner up:    Allan & Kerrie Pearlman                                              44   Pts c/b

Ball  Comp:   40 Pts or better                                                               


1st                                 Brendan McNamara (Quirindi)                            10.00 mtrs

7th                                Gary Taunton                                                           1.68 mtrs

13th                                               David Devney                                                         12.00 mtrs

17th & Pro Pin:                                Abby McDonald                                                       5.40 mtrs