Men’s Event:             Stableford                                                                             

Sponsor:         HMag Agricultural Consultants

No of Players: 77

A Grade  Winner:                 Ben Kirkby                                                    44 pts

A Grade Runner-up:            Graham Skaines                                          39 pts

B Grade  Winner:                 Peter McFadyen                                           39 pts c/b

B Grade Runner-up:            Grady Sinclair                                               39 pts

C Grade  Winner:                 Benjamin Legg                                             41 pts

C Grade Runner-up:            Bernie Boland                                              40 pts c/b

Ladies Event:           Stableford                                                                  

Sponsor:      Pam Girle & Rosemary Ledingham

No of Players: 22

Winner:          Gai Evans                                                       45 pts

Runner up:    Kay Gillan                                                      38 pts


1st                                 Wallace Hunter                                            2.14 mtrs           

7th                                Ben Carrigan                                                 3.20 mtrs

13th                              Tony Bailey                                                   1.26 mtrs

17th & Pro Pin                                  Adrian Heffer                                                1.92 mtrs

Ball Comp:   Mens – 34 or better Ladies – 34 or better