Vets: Stableford

No. of Players: 34

1st       Adrian King       39 pts c/b

2nd     Mick Mclaren  39 pts

3rd      Les Boland     38 pts


1st      Guy Hovenden   4.5 mtrs

7th      Phil Burey          3.1 mtrs

13th    Brad O’Mullane   10.5 mtrs

17th and Pro Pin     Les Boland   1.86 mtrs

Ball Comp 34

Ladies:                             Stableford

Sponsors: Lyn Fing and Cecelia Baker

No. of Players: 24

Winner:                                 Prue Hunt                    40 pts 

Runner Up:                             Vicki Gall                     37 pts  

Ball Comp: 33        

7th   Second Shot          Vicky  Gall                               0.15 mtrs 

17th & Pro Pin                              Mez Maunder                         2.70 mtrs